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Ahiellan Jeyaganesh

There are many life altering moments that we experience in our lives. For us, one of those moments was when we were told that Ahiellan was on the Autism Spectrum. In an instant our lives had changed as we looked for answers, guidance, support and more importantly, a leading hand of assurance.

As a parent with a Special Child, you are always reflecting on how, things that we take for granted, are a challenge for them. Ahiellan made things seem better with his cheerful personality and huge smile. This was not nearly enough though. We needed a partner, someone who understood what we were handling and who could be a pillar of guidance and support. That is what “The Learning Connection” has been for us. Ahiellan is 16 yrs old now and we would be totally lost if not for the care, guidance and support provided by the teachers and therapist at the centre.

Ahiellan has been with the centre for over 10 years and he looks forward to school every-day. The Learning Connection isn’t, only Ahiellan’s school, they are our partner.


TLC – a safe, caring, family like and all-in-one nurturing home has became my son’s 2nd home since he was 4.

I am so grateful and cannot say enough about Sara and all her wonderful teachers who gives their all and committed to supporting not only the children but the families too.

It is very comforting for me to know that Maverick will be in this loving and dedicated environment until I can see the next plan for him…..

Tremendous gratitude on ALL YOU DO for Maverick and his amazing peers.

Mariana Spinelli (Mom) & Fernando Spinelli(Child)

Our story at The Learning Connection begins more than 15 years ago when we first met Mrs. Sara Brenneman as enrichment teacher in Mont Kiara International School.

She was the teacher of my youngest daughter in this institution, and through it she met Fernando.

When Mrs. Sara began to give individual classes outside the school, Fernando was one of her first students.

It was a great joy for us when we knew that The Learning Connection would be formally opened and we did not hesitate to immediately change Fernando from his previous school.

Formal special education in Malaysia, up to that point, had not given us the results that we were used to in our country of origin, which although it has several weaknesses in other areas, in that regard it stands out for its excellence.

Fernando grew up with The Learning Connection. Both were maturing, covering new spaces and encompassing new skills and incorporating different therapies.

Today Fernando is one of the firsts and oldest students in the school. He continues to have growth opportunities through the occupational therapy program and has worked, with the support of dedicated teachers, in jobs outside of school, performing simple tasks in different businesses in the area.

We are very happy with how the school grew together with our son, adapting to his needs and offering new areas of development.

Hopefully in Fernando’s adult life, we can continue to count on The Learning Connection.