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Gee Paary has been certified by the Autism Movement Therapy Inc. Organization, based in the United States. This certification provides a movement, dance and music program to plan and lead a developmentally age appropriate 50 minute “Time, Space & Energy” movement and music class. She is an experienced and accomplished dancer herself and enjoys teaching classical and modern dance to students ranging from the ages 4 to 35 years old for the past 19 years.


Dancing and helping people (especially children) discover the enriching experience of dance and music has always been Gee’s passion as such she started AutiSmArt, a dance and movement therapy class for special needs children at Special Needs Learning Centres (SNLC) and other educational Institutions throughout Klang Valley.


Building upon her own experiences as a dancer and dance teacher, Gee offers a structured and proven technique, in which she has been certified to practice Autism Movement Therapy (AMT). This therapy technique has been successful in incorporating movement and music in encouraging Positive Behaviour Support by finding a way to understand and assist while modelling the child to behave in a particular manner. AMT is also an empowering strategy that enhances the connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, enabling the remapping of nerve pathways.