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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical, reflexive, and research-based use of music interventions by a credentialed/licensed music therapist to realize individualized goals through musical and professional therapeutic relationship. Music therapists can be serving in various settings: Early intervention, Special education, Mental health & psychological wellbeing, Medical settings, Hospice, palliative care & bereavement, Geriatrics & dementia care, Neurological rehabilitation, Corrective facilities and Community programs.

Music Therapy

Music therapy in special education is an effective approach for addressing areas of development that are challenging for children with special needs. Therapeutic interventions include improvisation, instrument playing, singing, music movement, listening, creating or composing and so on. Referrals for music therapy are based on but not limited to the criteria below:

✧ to develop emotional regulation skills

✧ to develop psychosocial skills

✧ to develop motor skills

✧ to develop cognitive / communication skills

✧ to stimulate self-motivation and attention

✧ to decrease frustration, agitation and challenging behaviours

Music therapists can also serve as consultants for music teachers, choir directors, and/or band directors to include music in their curriculum and/or special education students in their classes. For more details, please contact Cheryl Mow at [email protected] or the Malaysian Music Therapy Association