Behavior Therapy

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Behavior Therapy

Behaviour Therapy is a type of therapy that seeks to identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviours. It functions on the idea that all behaviours are learned and that unhealthy behaviours can be changed. The focus of treatment is often on current problems and how to change them. Applied behaviour therapy treatment usually involves teaching children different methods of responding to situations more positively. A central part of this therapy is rewarding positive behaviour and removing negative behaviour.

Our services under Behaviour Intervention / Therapy include:

– Behaviour Management / Modification

* Termination / Replacement of unwanted behaviours

– Compliance

* Following instructions / Learning to wait / Turn taking

– Picky Eaters

– Classroom Management

– Social Skills Development

* Two-way communication, socialising with peers, making friends, responding to uncomfortable situations.

– Emotion Regulation

*Tolerance / Staying Calm / Denial

– Independent Living

* Self-management / Organization and Planning

– Parental Training and Guidance